1. Introduction to Eternal

Eternal is a digital card game that was created and developed by Dire Wolf Digital. It was released in 2016 for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. The game is like Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone, but it has its own unique and strategic gameplay. Players build their decks with a bination of two factions and battle against other players in different modes.

2. Gameplay and Rules

The gameplay of Eternal is turn-based, and players start with 25 health points. Each player draws a starting hand of seven cards and gains a temporary power card on their first turn. Players can also draw one card per turn and increase their power stones to play more cards. Each card has its own unique abilities and effects, including units, spells, weapons, and relics. Players can attack with units or use spells to control the board, and they win by reducing their opponent’s health to zero.

Players can build their decks with a bination of two factions, and each faction has its own theme and abilities. The game currently has five factions: Justice, Primal, Shadow, Fire, and Time. Justice is focused on creatures and weapons, Primal is focused on spells and card draw, Shadow is focused on removal and sacrifice, Fire is focused on direct damage and aggression, and Time is focused on ramp and value.

3. The Economy and Rewards

Eternal has a generous economy system that rewards players for playing the game. Players can earn gold, which can be used to purchase packs, campaigns, and events. Players can also earn shiftstone, which can be used to craft cards that they need for their decks. Players earn rewards by pleting daily quests, winning games, and participating in events.

The game also has different modes, such as Casual, Ranked, Draft, and Sealed. Casual allows players to play against other players using their casual decks, and Ranked allows players to climb the ladder and earn ranked points. Draft and Sealed are limited modes where players build their decks using a limited selection of cards.

4. Conclusion and Future of Eternal

Eternal is an exciting and strategic digital card game that offers a unique and rewarding experience for players. The game has a devoted munity and a balanced meta-game. The developers continue to support the game with frequent updates, new cards, and events. The game has a bright future, and it is a great option for fans of digital card games who are looking for something different.