1. 什么是And?


2. And在句子中的使用


– I like apples and pears.
– She sings and dances well.
– He is tall and handsome.
– They worked hard and quickly.
– He played basketball with Bob and Tom.
– I read a book and watched TV yesterday.
– She said that she was busy and couldn’t e.

3. And的扩展用法


3.1. And yet

And yet表示转折的意思,相当于“但是,然而”。例如:

– He has a good job, and yet he is not happy.
– The weather is sunny, and yet it’s still chilly outside.

3.2. And so

And so表示推断或结果的意思,相当于“于是,因此”。例如:

– She studied hard, and so she got a high score in the exam.
– He missed the train, and so he was late for the meeting.

3.3. And then

And then表示顺序或过程的意思,相当于“然后,接着”。例如:

– I woke up early, had breakfast, and then went to work.
– She finished her homework, took a shower, and then went to bed.

3.4. And also

And also表示另外的意思,相当于“并且,也”。例如:

– He is good at math, and also physics.
– She has a dog, and also a cat.

4. And的常见错误用法


4.1. 重复使用And


– She likes to read books, to watch movies, and to listen to music, and also to write stories.(错误)
– She likes to read books, watch movies, listen to music, and write stories.(正确)

4.2. 错误的语序


– He played basketball with Tom and Bob.(正确)
– He played with Tom and Bob basketball.(错误)

4.3. 忘记使用逗号


– She is smart, and also beautiful.
– I went to school, and saw my teacher.

5. 总结